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Aveda manicure (60 min)      30

Cuticle soak & clean up, nail shaping, massage, and OPI polish.


Shellac manicure (60 min)      40

Cuticle clean up, nail shaping, Shellac polish, and hydrating lotion to finish.


VIP shellac manicure (60 min)    25

Upgrade to VIP with regular upkeep every 2-3 weeks.


Shellac removal & clean up (30 min)   20

Includes cuticle clean up, nail shaping, and hydrating lotion.





Aveda pedicure (60 min)       50

Cuticle and callus removal, nail shaping, salt scrub, massage, and OPI polish.


Express pedi (45 min)       40

Cuticle and callus removal, nail shaping, hydrating lotion, and OPI polish.


Shellac pedi (60 min)       60

Cuticle and callus removal, nail shaping, salt scrub, massage, and Shellac polish.


Shellac removal & clean up (30 min)  30

Includes cuticle clean up, nail shaping, and hydrating lotion.



Glam Girls  (12 and under)


Mini manicure (30 min)     20

Cuticle soak & clean up, nail shaping, and OPI polish.


Petite pedicure (30 min)     30

Cuticle and callus removal, nail shaping, hydrating lotion, and OPI polish.


Princess pedicure (45 min)    40

Cuticle and callus removal, nail shaping, salt scrub, massage, and OPI polish.






Lip      10

Chin     10

Cheeks     10

Sideburns   10

Combine any 2 for $15, 3 for $25, or full face for $35)


Brow     15

Brazilian     55

VIP brazilian  45

*Upgrade to VIP with regular maintenance every 6 weeks

Bikini     25

Bikini +    35

Underarm   15

Arms     35

Half arm    25

Legs     65

Half leg    40

Hands    10

Feet     10

Chest / Stomach  55

Chest  only   40

Stomach only  25

Full back     50

Half back    30

Shoulders    30





Brows     15

Lashes    20

Combo    30



Brow makeover


Shape, Tint, and Trim  25





Aveda facial (60 min)    75

Customized to treat any skin type. Includes light extractions.


Relaxation facial (45 min)  65

Refresh the skin and unwind


Collagen facial (75 min)  85

6 unique facial treatments to choose from depending on your skin care needs.


Bamboo charcoal (oily skin types, acne-prone skin)

Formulated with tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, collagen, and bamboo charcoal, a natural element with deep cleansing properties. This treatment helps to heal blemishes, unclog pores, prevent breakouts, and keep the skin shine-free.


Aloe (all skin types, sensitive, acne-prone, sun-damaged)  A blend of aloe vera, vitamin E, and collagen, cleanse, sooth, and heal the skin by getting rid of inflammation and irritation.


Chocolate (all skin types, anti-aging, hydrating)

Rich in antioxidants, this formula boosts skin rejuvenation, diminishes the appearance of large pores, and promotes skin circulation for a silky smooth feeling.


Ice lift (all skin types, anti-aging)

Packed with hydration, this treatment tightens and smoothens, enhances elasticity, and leaves the skin looking firmer and more supple.


Specialty facials   105


24K gold (all skin types, anti-aging, preventative)

This highly effective 24k gold blend penetrates deep into the skin layers to reduce the appearance of existing signs of aging while also helping to prevent future wrinkles.


Diamond (all skin types, anti-aging, firming)

Micronized diamonds, whitening agents, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, deeply nourish and enhance skin tone while improving blotchiness, elasticity, and facial contour modeling. Scientifically developed to deliver the most advanced age-defying results in luxury skin care.

collagen eye treatment  10

This high potency eye treatment containing collagen, vitamin E, and lavender oil, provides lifting and reparative benefits to the delicate skin under the eyes. Add on to any facial to fight dark circles, reduce puffiness, hydrate the skin, increase elasticity, and diminish wrinkles.


Collagen neck treatment  15

Smooth, lift, and moisturize the gentle neck skin for a firmer and more supple look. Add on to any facial to repair the skin and enhances elasticity.



Teeth whitening

Single treatment (25 min)    65

Full treatment of 3 sessions   150

Homecare kit (12 treatments)  100


Results vary individually with first treatment - 3 sessions within a week are recommended

for optimal whitening.


Lash extensions

Full set           125

One week fill (7-10 days)    20

Two week fill (11-17 days)    30

Three week fill (18-24 days    40

Lash Removal        15



Lash Lifting & Tinting

Lift (60 min)     60

Lift & tint (75 min)  75


Lifts and curls your natural lashes - perfect for people with straight or downward pointing lashes. Results last  6-10 weeks with no special upkeep required within that time



Andrea is a Certified Medical Esthetician with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Currently offering a wide variety of services addressing skin and body, she also holds additional certification as a Lash Technician, and in Collagen Induction Therapy (micro needling).With a strong passion for the beauty industry, Andrea is constantly immersed in all things beauty, researching, attending courses and seminars, and obtaining new knowledge and skills in order to provide clients with the best and most current services.


Andrea has a reputation for providing clients with very detailed and thorough services to ensure clients leave happy and informed. She is always happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your own needs, so as to better help you achieve a look you love, as well as a beauty regime that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle.